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Post by Skye BL on Thu May 29, 2014 1:29 am

A Kreptis battle would be like watching masses of shadows clashing, thrashing into each other, their forms crashing and mingling. You could picture two shadow wolves fighting each other and actually connecting with one another as if they were solid. Much of it depends on the one with a stronger essence. Imagine the shadow wolf biting the other one's leg. You can picture some resistance given, but it will eventually "snap" off or vanish only to re-materialize. But the more a Kreptis materializes, the more the opposing one is eating away at its opponent's core's source. They'll slowly dwindle and fade. Very similar to exhausting it to death, depleting it of all its essence until it is gone.

While Kreptis have the ability to "fight" one another, a living being cannot exactly touch a Kreptis, and physical contact with one is extremely limited. Hurting a Kreptis would be impossible, unless light was involved.

Light is a shadow's worst enemy, and a Kreptis is no exception. All Kreptis avoid daylight. The light eats away at the Kreptis's shadowy form, and leaves the core unprotected and eventually it fizzles out as soon as a matter of minutes.
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