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Post by Skye BL on Thu May 29, 2014 1:30 am

Not just simply shadows, this species can in fact "breed". Though not in the traditional sense, Kreptis pairs that fall in love and wish to bring another Kreptis into the world combine their essences and merge their cores. Because the couple gives each other their cores in a special union, there is no possible dangerous core conflictions. But the parents must make a decision. Bringing a life into the dark, trapped Kreptis realm is a matter of judgement. If they do decide to, they become one briefly before a female essence takes on the newly formed core. A sort of "pregnancy" of 3-5 days follows, in which the newborn core develops inside the shadowy vessel of its mother. Once the core is strong and stable enough, it splits from the female Kreptis. The split is simply a division of cores and shadow. The newborn Kreptis phases and tears from its mother into its own unique form, with its own core.

Newborns are capable of regular Kreptis growth by feeding on living essence. Their growth limits and capacities are typical to a regular Kreptis. There are certain Kreptis though that were created from a being who died very young, like a child or infant. These Kreptis are called Younglings, and are different from Newborns. While Newborns are free to grow and develop, Younglings are trapped to their smaller size and form, with a very limited and small core and essence capacity. No matter how much they feed and try to stretch and grow their forms, they will keep that limit.
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