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Post by Skye BL on Thu May 29, 2014 1:27 am

All Kreptis possess shadow tendrils in which to feed. They act as sapping appendages, drawing out and absorbing the soul energy/essence of living things to keep their own essences strong and healthy. All Kreptis must feed to maintain their forms, any who do not feed slowly lose their essences; cores fading and fizzing out until eventually they die.

A Kreptis can typically make themselves seen to living beings as they wish, including during feeding. Typically though they are only seen as dense shadows in the corner or dark shapes that flit from your vision. While possible to feed enough on living beings to kill them, it would take multiple Kreptis to do so. And if done, the victim turns into a Kreptis when they pass, falling prey to a scarily traumatic death. Many of the species consider this unjust and wrong, as the life of a Kreptis stuck to wander the middle realm is an ugly fate. Many don't wish the same destiny for other living beings.

Kreptis are physically capable of feeding on each other. But this practice is incredibly taboo. This is because the result of a Kreptis "stealing" another Kreptis's essence may cause an unwanted or even dangerous response. If the two essences don't match and mesh well, it could possibly cancel out both essences and kill them both. There's also a possibility one essence might match, but one is stronger and the lesser dies. Legend says that there are some essences that mesh and bind so well that they forcefully merge into one, whole new Kreptis.
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