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Post by Skye BL on Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:22 pm

The Site Officials are the authority figures of the group. They oversee all Rp, both the TEC and the Bloodlings, and the site. Site Officials will have authority over every member, and are expected to maintain the Rp and site as well as enforce the Kreptis Rp Rules.

Also our RP status's vs Site officials is very Different compared to a normal FH Group. In TKC, Your RP rank does not mean you have authority outside of RP! We have made it so RP Ranks are strictly for RP. So If there are members who don't RP as much but they prefer to be more helpful outside of RP for the group overall, they have a chance of becoming a site official! For Example We might have someone who loves RPing and ends up being a Alpha in RP, But they have no interest in controlling the group outside of the RP. They would just be a high status in RP! Not a site official. Another example, Iris BTEC is a Beta in RP! But she is the highest of authority over the whole group being an Admin! Jinxx is a Lead Sentinel in RP But she is a site official as a Moderator! Of course there will be plently of times where we have An Alpha in RP who is also an Admin on the site, Like Inked ATEC. So please. Make sure you read who our Site officials are! So If you need any help you can go to them!

Site Officials will be in one of four categories:

Admin - The highest ranking site official. What they say goes. They have the ability to alter the site in every aspect, and add and remove members from the site. They have ultimate say regarding the Rp and in-game plots/plans. Admin make the decisions regarding the entire Kreptis Rp.

Global Moderators - The second highest ranking site official. They enforce the Admin's rules and decisions. They are to make sure everything is running smoothly, and bring any issues to the Admin. They watch over the Rp to make sure rules are being followed and conflict is handled. Global Moderators have the same permissions on the site as Admin, but are not allowed to write in certain sections of the site such as The Kreptic Species. They are expected to make sure the site is clean and organized. They oversee and teach the Moderators and MITs to make sure they know the site and how to keep the site updated and clean.

Moderators - The third highest ranking site official. The Moderators have most site permissions, and are expected to keep Leaves of Absence updated for the Admin. They are expected to keep the Member's Cache, Meeting Records, Archives, and General Discussions clean and organized. They are to make sure the Ranked Members information is correct, and Moderators are expected to know the site so they can answer any General Questions. Moderators report to Global Moderators and Admin. They are the mentors and teachers to the MITs, and are expected to teach them the site and rules of the Kreptis Rp. Moderators must learn from Global Moderators how to handle in-game drama and conflicts, and watch for rule breakers.

MIT (Moderators in Training):

MITs are the last ranking site official. They are in training, meaning they must learn everything about the site and Rp. They are expected to quickly understand all rules regarding the site and Rp. They look to Moderators for mentoring. MITs are expected to help Moderators with Leaves of Absence, the Member's Cache, and General Questions. While lowest ranking, MITs are still site officials and are to be respected.


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