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Hausks Info/Characteristics Empty Hausks Info/Characteristics

Post by Iris TEC on Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:53 am

What are they: Hausk are derived from the Kreptis species as a stand-alone subspecies. They are merely the shadow entities who have taken the skins of living creatures in an attempt to pose as living beings. Where are the kreptis stand for contempt with their underworldy form and the Bloodlings, another sub species are the denouements of rage filled souls, Hausks represent the denial a soul harbors for their imminent death. Forever clinging onto life however means Necessary.

Hausks, weather they dorn their guise or not will always remain shadow spirits. The skin a Hausks wears provides some protection from the sun but does not void them of complete exposure and risk of injury. Filled with sorrow and despair, Hausks usually seek out the company of others, attempting to staff off the clod, lonely feeling of death. A deeply troubled and pained soul of a living mortal may become a Hausk and only when they accept their death do they shed their false skin and walk as a Krepti.
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