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Kreptic Abilities Empty Kreptic Abilities

Post by Skye BL on Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:21 am

Certain Kreptis are born into their world with abilities, or limited powers. It is believed that the past life of the Kreptis held a connection to these abilities. Such as if a Healer or Nurse had a talent with healing, A Kreptis might be formed with limited abilities to heal. An example in that nature would be something like the healer Kreptis having the power to use their tendrils to mend wounds, or even transfer mortal soul/energy essence they had consumed to others. Other abilities would be similar in simplicity. One Kreptis might be more in-tune to the living world, able to interact a little more with mortals than a typical Kreptis. Another might have a stronger, warrior's core, and possibly larger fangs or claws if they were some sort of knight/fighter in their past life.

Keep in mind that while the Kreptis wake with these abilities, they are quite limited and any abilities require the use of core essence, their basic life force. So things like controlling another's mind completely or having total weather control abilities would be too much for a Kreptis core to handle. These powers are subtle and connected to Kreptis life energy, and should be noted as such.
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