Kreptis Appearance and Anatomy

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Kreptis Appearance and Anatomy Empty Kreptis Appearance and Anatomy

Post by Skye BL on Thu May 29, 2014 1:25 am

A Kreptis is a being entirely of shadow, and is never usually solid. They have a slight ability to solidify, but without any sort of density. Kreptis have a very thin surface, but applying pressure would cause it to give quickly and phase right through. These beings usually take on the forms of animals or mythical creatures in shape, but the form is featureless, shadowy smoke billowing off their silhouettes.

Inside the Kreptis's shadow-frame lies a core. The very soul, essence, and energy of the Kreptis is in this core. It too is relatively formless, basically just spherical, but encased and protected by the Kreptis's shadow-form. This core glows and emanates from their black shapes in various markings, the color depending on the type of soul it harbors. The intensity of the core and the size of the Kreptis depends on the strength and power of its essence, and of course its darkness.

They are able to change, stretch and grow their forms to a certain extent, but this depends on the capacity and strength of the essence in their core. Weaker Kreptis cannot shift or stretch for long without exhausting themselves.
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