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Post by Skye BL on Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:55 pm


Bloodlings are not part of the TEC group. Bloodlings are rogues who did not transition from Newling, a just-born Kreptis, to a regular Kreptis. Newlings are born into their Kreptis forms without knowledge that they have died. All their old memories of their past life remain, and until they awake to the reality that they have died, they wander the Kreptic Realms, confused and uncertain. A Bloodling is born when a Newling learns that they have died... and refuse the information. They do not accept it, and this kickstarts an alternate transformation. They discard any "good" memories they once had, falling deep into the darkness of a Kreptis. They have no sane rationality when they confront a TEC, and exist only to destroy other Kreptis, even devour other living beings. They despise the Kreptis TEC for their sanity and ways of existing. For their happiness. Bloodlings are a big threat to normal Kreptis and living creatures. Though among other BL they have some amount of sanity and get along among each other for the most part.

Because of their nature, they look different from a regular Kreptis as well. Instead of a swirling, shadowy profile.. they have a static look. Their shadow appears almost to cut in and out, appear and reappear. Similar to white noise static. They seem to have very unstable forms, never able to completely keep to a profile for long. This also matches well with their deadly and mentally unstable dispositions.

Bloodling ranks will be picked by hand by the Site Officials.
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